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Luke Hemmings - Selfie Battle

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you think you’re a better kisser than me??? you think you’re a better cuddler? come over here and prove it punk

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In my mind, I wanted to tie this to this metaphor that I’ve been thinking about a lot because all I think about are metaphors and cats. My idea was that life itself, and who people actually are, can be greatly reflected in how they dance. I really think that. And I don’t mean how good you are, I mean your willingness to dance. You can kind of tell, if you go to a house party and you see that there’s like this group of people over here that are too cool for school and they’re over here and there just like ‘oh my God. Those people are dancing. That is so weird that they’re like dancing.’ You know, those people, I don’t feel like, are having as good of a time as the people they’re making fun of. The people who don’t care how they look dancing, cause they like dancing. I’m not projecting or anything. But basically, I love the idea that you can tell who someone is by how they dance. 

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"Bravery happens to people in different ways. I think it can be as simple as saying what you mean, about being honest about who you are, who you love.

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'Everything Has Changed' is a song that I wrote with Ed Sheeran, and he is such a talented person, in so many ways. He's such an incredibly talented guitar player, and singer, and songwriter, and performer. Writing this song with him was so much fun because, you know, we were sitting in my backyard writing the song and he started singing harmony on it and I asked if he would record it with me as a duet, because it's about this moment that both people are having where they see each other and all of the sudden, the world looks different. 'Cause everything changed. 

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When you’re singing you can hear the echo of people in the audience singing every single world with you, and that was that big dream I had for myself. It’s happening.

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